Dubrovnik is a town in southern Dalmatia, an absolute pearl of the coast of Adriatic. It is one of the best known towns in the whole Mediterranean due to its rich historical and cultural heritage and natural beauties that surround it. It is surrounded by famous Dubrovnik walls with many towers and old turrets. It is under the protection of no less than Unesco.


1. Hotel Adriatic - Hotel on a truly special location on the green peninsula called Lapud that is placed only 50 meters from the sea. It consists of over 150 double and single rooms overlooking the park or the sea. Internet access, as well as a parking spot, are both free of charge for the guests of the hotel. Half board service is available.

2. Hotel Vis - Great hotel located only 20 m from the sea and a beautiful pebbly beach. There you will find over 150 standard and superior rooms, some with balconies and an amazing view of Elafiti islands. The hotel restaurant offers breakfast and a half board service.

3. Hotel Astarea (Mlini) - Modern hotel located in a beautiful Mediterranean garden, 10 km southeast of Dubrovnik. You will find it close to the pebbly beach. It has an amazing view of the sea with nearby islands and islets. Apart from the main hotel building there, you will also find the additional building Astarea II. Both hotels offer half board and full board meal plans.

4. Hotel Lero - This hotel is perfect for everybody who loves active holidays as it is located really close to the sports center that has 6 tennis courts and a sports hall. It has a beautiful outdoor pool perfect for an easy swim and relaxation. The available meal plan Is the half board service.

5. Hotel Splendid - This hotel is a perfect choice for everybody who wants to spend their holidays in Dubrovnik in a hotel close to the sea, but not spending too much in the process. The hotel has an amazing view of the Elafiti islands. All of the rooms are air-conditioned and pets are welcomed. The beaches in front of the hotel are both rocky and pebbly, perfect for all generations.

Tourism in Dubrovnik:

Dubrovnik is a truly unique town of some amazing historical and natural beauties. In Dubrovnik region, there are many various hotels and resorts. South from Dubrovnik, you will find a village called Srebreno. One of the best hotels in the area is definitely Sheraton Rivera hotel, a luxury hotel only 50 meters from the sea and the gorgeous beach. Close to it lies a resort Premium apartments Srebreno, home to many luxurious apartments located in modern buildings that are only 250 meters from the sea. One Suite Hotel offers premium hotel rooms and apartments surrounded by lush green vegetation, 400 meters from the sea. Few miles south from Srebreno lies the village Mlini. Apart from the already mentioned hotel Astarea there you will find the hotel Mlini , a great modern hotel with a central location. Ville Mlini is a set of luxurious apartments that is perfect for families as it offers the half board service.

History and culture of Dubrovnik:

Founded in the 7th century it reached its peak in the Renaissance era as an independent city-state that rivaled Venice. The entire old town of Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Besides the famous Dubrovnik walls and Ravelin fortress from the 16th century which protected Dubrovnik for centuries, there are plenty of other things to see like Roland´s Column, Bell Tower, Sponza Palace, and Rector´s Palace, as well as Franciscan Monastery with the oldest pharmacy and Church of Saint Blaise (Church of St. Vlaho).