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Girandella Valamar Collection Resort - Adults

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Adults only hotel (16+ years)

Check in: 14:00h

Check out: 10:00h

BB + Champagne Breakfast & Brunch service: Rebelle Restaurant for guests of Girandella Designed for Adults (the restaurant is intended for adults only).
BB + Champagne Breakfast & Brunch service: from 8AM to 2PM - extended breakfast and brunch with sparkling wines and top-quality coffee
Istrian deli corner with hand-sliced pršut dry-cured ham and excellent cheeses
Theme buffet stations: yogurt bar, salad bar, a la minute egg dishes, brunch station with a selection of freshly prepared meals.


1. Tosa Inu, Rottweiler, Dobermann, Dogo Argentino, Presa Canario, Boerboel, Cane Corso, Shar Pei, Kuvasz, Tibetan Mastiff, Terriers (English Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier) Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Bordeaux Mastiff (or Dogue de Bordeaux) Neapolitan Mastiff, Akbash, Briard, Komondor, Bandog, East European herding dogs, All other dangerous dogs defined as such under the Croatian Ordinance on dangerous dogs


Pets must be older than 6 months. Certain dog breeds are banned. The list of banned dog breeds is available at the Valamar website. A veterinary passport containing the record of all mandatory vaccinations is required. Dogs shall be chipped and treated against parasites.  When leaving the accommodation facility, please make sure not to leave your pet alone in the room. If you need to leave your pet alone in the room for a short time, please hang the dog inside notice on the outside of the room door.  Please notify the reception of the best time to clean your room. Pets, excluding guide dogs, are not allowed at the pool or in the wellness and fitness facilities. Pets must be kept on a leash when outside the room. If necessary, we reserve the right to require your pet to be muzzled in public areas. Pet owners are required to collect their pet’s waste in a bag and dispose of the bag in a waste bin.  Pets are not allowed on beds. Please use the mat instead. All damages and potential additional cleaning not included in the usual maintenance are charged separately. Pets shall not make noise or disturb other guests. Otherwise, your stay may be cancelled.

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