Continental Croatia (Trakoscan Castle)


Continental Croatia includes a third of Croatian territory. It is located in the basin of rivers Sava, Drava, and Mura which are areas of special geological values, on south Continental Croatia is only 40 kilometers away from the sea. Plitvice lakes, ancient forest landscape Corkova bay, beautiful Peter and Zrinska Gora, Biosphere Reserve Lonja field as well as the historic fort Zrinski is an essential part of the Continental Croatian destinations.

Attractions in Continental Croatia

1. Museum of Krapina Neanderthals - New Museum of Krapina Neanderthals is located near the world famous findings of Krapina Neanderthals Hušnjakovo and the first paleontological monument of nature in Croatia. The finding is one of the wealthiest Paleolithic habitats of Neanderthal man in Croatia and Europe.

2. Samoborski Fašnik - Samobor Carnival dates from the early 19 century. Written documents from that period say that on the streets of the small town of Samobor was held a masked ball. This is one of the oldest carnival celebrations in Croatia.

3. Špancirfest -Festival of good emotions - Špancirfest is one of the most popular festival events in Croatia. In the ten days of the festival held varied programs, where everyone can find something for themselves (concerts of world music, rock, blues, folk, children's programs, and performances, theatrical comedy for adults, and performances by street performers, entertainers, and musicians) and the festival is accompanied by an excellent gastronomic offer.

Tourism in Continental Croatia

Continental Croatia is the largest tourist region in Croatia. It offers a wide variety of tourist offers, so it points to more types of tourism such as; hunting, business, congress, and rural tourism.

Places in Continental Croatia

Varazdin: is located along the banks of the Drava river in northwestern Croatia. Varazdin is a city rich in history and was first mentioned in writing in 1181. year. The city of Varaždin has nearly 50,000 inhabitants today and is one of the most developed cities in the Republic of Croatia. It is an important cultural and social center and is widely known as a city of Baroque.

Samobor: is the most attractive place in the region of Zagreb and the cradle of Croatian mountain climbing. In Samobor of historical sites, there is King Tomislav Square, Samobor Old Town, Livadic Manor House from the 17th century, Samobor Museum. Events such as Carnival of Samobor and classic car rally are just a part of the rich tourism offer of Samobor and among the gourmets are particularly famous "kremsnite" cakes.

Cakovec: From a humble medieval Oppidum arising near the fort, Cakovec has grown today into a modern European city of Continental Croatian. For tourists along with the historic old town, Zrinskih Castle and Franciscan Monastery offer excellent gastronomic offer, sports and entertainment activities, rich nightlife and numerous events throughout the year, such as "Carnival of Medimurje" and fair in the city center.

Velika Gorica: is located 16 km south of Zagreb. It is the center of Turopolje and the city of opportunities, young people, urban core, the great historical and cultural heritages, ecologically preserved environment. In Velika Gorica is located valuable archaeological finds, historic sites, such as wooden chapels and noble manors, the old square in front of the Town Hall and religious monuments are an important part of the tourism offer.

Krapina: is a small town that adorns a rich heritage where are prehistoric people left their indelible mark. New Museum of Krapina Neanderthals is the most modern and the most sophisticated museum in the world and it is a must-see tourist destination of Continental Croatian. A number of cultural events take place throughout the entire year.

Koprivnica: The center of town Koprivnica is founded on the location of the former Koprivnica fort, today at the place of the fort is a beautiful park with a pavilion. In Koprivnica adventurers can enjoy the traditional hunting, fishing, hiking, or cycling, while those who are less prone to adventures have a great selection of restaurants that nourish Podravina kitchen.

Karlovac: The city of Karlovac is situated in the heart of Croatia, at the confluence of four rivers. It is an attractive destination for vacation and entertainment. Karlovac is an example based on the leading architectural ideas of his time: Renaissance, geometrically correct figure of a six-pointed star. A beautiful view of the Karlovac is provided from the Old Town of Dubovac. From historical sites, there are Botanical Garden, The main town square, and Miljokaz.

Sisak: the City of Sisak is important since the Roman era, and to the north, there is the spa of Varaždin and town Cakovec.