Back in the day, Vrsar used to be a fishing community. Today it is a small tourist town located between Rovinj and Poreč on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula close to Lim canal with an archipelago that counts 18 gorgeous islets.

Located on the western coast of Istria, at the very entrance to the Lim Bay, Vrsar – Orsera is a place of the magical sea views, vibrant colours, and typical Mediterranean beauty. A sanctuary for fishermen and sailors, the inspiration for artists, a beloved spot of the famous Casanova - Vrsar is a place with a strong tourist orientation and high quality accommodation facilities,  with magnificent natural resources: lovely beaches, wonderful coastline and rich hinterland.

•    mild climate, indented coastline and untouched nature of the Lim Bay
•    numerous bike and walking trails
•    Attractive destination for sailors
•    Giacomo Casanova, well-known Italian adventurer visited Vrsar


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1. Hotel Pineta - Located on a hill just opposite of Vrsar this hotel has an amazing view of Vrsar bay. You will find it only 100m from the sea and beaches. Guests who stay there particularly love the location, the wellness area and the outdoor pool. It got its name by the Mediterranean pine trees (Pino) that surround the hotel and provide the much needed shade during those hot summer days. Tourist resort Koversada Vrsar**|**** - Naturist park 

2. Tourist resort Koversada Vrsar - Naturist park Koversada is one of the most-widely known naturist centers in Europe that is situated south of Vrsar at the entrance to Lim Bay. The camp opened in 1961. when some of the first naturists found their vacation paradise and has been working since. Today on the same location you will find Koversada rooms and Koversada apartments.

3. Tourist resort Belvedere - located close to the beach and the old town Vrsar this resort includes Hotel Belvedere and the apartments Belvedere. Both rooms and apartments can have spectacular views of the sea, marina and the islets. The resort has many additional amenities and guests particularly love the outdoor pool.

Tourist and cultural center:

Tourism in Vrsar

Vrsar is known for its amazing beaches, lots of islets and as one of the best known naturist resorts in Europe. As mentioned that resort is called Koversada and it is split in Koversada rooms and Koversada apartments. Apart from naturism Vrsar is also home to ''classical'' tourism as it offer various resorts and hotels to choose from. Tourist resort Belvedere consists of spacious apartments that can accommodate 2-5 people and Hotel Belvedere that offers four star hotel rooms. Tourist resort Petalon is located 800m from Vrsar and offers comfortable apartments for 2-6 people as well as hotel rooms that are a part of this resort. Hotel Pineta is a great pick for those who want to spend their holidays close to the sea and the beach in a budget friendly hotel. Close to Vrsar lies a little village called Funtana where you will find Resort Funtana that offers all inclusive service.

History and culture of Vrsar

An interesting fact is that in the 18th century Vrsar was twice ( 1743. and 1744. ) visited by the Italian adventurer and writer Giacomo Casanova. In his famous memoirs he wrote about his stay in Vrsar.

Since the Middle Ages, Vrsar stays on a prominent hill by the sea, which gave rise to the excellent viewpoints overlooking the local islands, islets, bays and inlets. The views of the island of Sveti Juraj, Vrsar quayside and marina, Church of St Mary of the Sea, and the abandoned Montraker quarry contribute to the value of the Vrsar viewpoints. The views of the old town of Vrsar, old stone houses built in the traditional style and distinct uniqueness of chimneys that dominate the houses in the old town center are particularly cherished.
•    the historic center with narrow medieval streets
•    numerous sacral monuments with mosaics and frescoes
•    Great Gate and Small Gate, two Romanesque turrets that were a part of the fortification system, and the walls of the Vrsar castle, which were also a part of the fortification system in Vrsar and which are well-preserved and crenelated.
•    Bell Tower - the most visited viewpoint, offering a view of the Church of St Euphemia in Rovinj, Vrsar islands, Funtana and the area around Poreč as well as the Vrsar hinterland and numerous hills.
•    Dušan Džamonja, the famous  Sculpture Park

Events & Amusement
•    Boat trips to Lim channel, Rovinj,  watching dolphins
•    Montraker Quarry – the international sculpting course is held there
•    Vrsar Art Festival – exhibition of contemporary art

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