Pula is one of the oldest towns in Istria. Town of rich history that dates back over 3000 years. Pula is the largest and most important sea port in Istria and the well-protected Pula Bay places it among the best natural harbors of the Adriatic. Pula is accessible by various means of transport and it is good to know that Pula international airport is located only 6km from the town itself. In Pula and its immediate surroundings there are many hotels, tourist resorts, camps and private apartments.


·      Top quality accommodation selection

·      Nice and well-maintained beaches

·      Numerous historic and cultural sites : The Roman Amphitheater, The Triumphal Arch, Pula Fortress, The Forum, Temple of Augustus, etc.

·      Dante Aligieri – in his masterpiece, Divine Comedy, Pula is mentioned too.

·      The Amphorae – Pula is the largest world site of amphorae, over 2000 were found in the region.

·       James Joyce - The long European travel of the Irish writer James Joyce began in Pula, where he spent the winter of 1904-1905 teaching English to naval officers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The statue was erected in his honor.

·      The ROJC - Set in a former military school and barracks, plays a vital role in the cultural life of the city. An arts and community center, Rojc is the main place in town for alternative artists, staging exhibitions, workshops, DJ sessions or live shows.


Well-equipped hotels and apartments by the sea, as well as numerous beaches that are among the most beautiful on the Adriatic make the perfect formula for a holiday in Pula.

1. Park Plaza Arena - Recently completely renovated this hotel is located on Verudela, one of the greenest and most beautiful peninsulas that Pula has to offer. Spacious and comfortable room, outdoor pool and the amazing location where hotel is placed (vicinity to some gorgeous both pebbly and rocky beaches) are just some of the reasons why you have to visit this hotel.

2. Camp Arena Stoja - Hand in hand with Verudela, Stoja is another green and beautiful peninsula situated in Pula. The entire peninsula is home to Camp Arena Stoja where you will find lovely mobile homes that are located in the woods and close to the sea. This is an ideal pick for families or friends who want to spend their holidays in complete peace and quiet.

3. Tourist resort Splendid - resort is located close to the beach. It contains beautiful apartments of various sizes and shapes hidden in the shade of Medierranean pine trees. Apart from accommodation itself the guests who stay there love the access to the outdoor pool which is located just above the sea on a cliff.

Tourist and cultural center

Tourism in Pula

Pula and its surroundings offer various accommodation options, as well as other facilities like the ones for sport or entertainment, different restaurants and bars and so much more. Pula is home to two bigger marinas as it becomes more and more beloved destinations for everyone who is into nautical tourism. A great place to stay right next to the sea is Hotel Park Plaza Histria and its adjacent annex bulding depadance Marina Wing. Little closer to Pula center  you will find Hotel Pula***, located just above one of the most beautiful coves in Pula. Amazing location and affordable pricing are the selling points of both hotel Brioni** and Tourist resort Horizont**. In case you want to stay in the very center of Pula we recommend you do so in Hotel Galija. Outskirts of Pula are home to the only national Park in istria, the Brijuni national park. Explore the islands and islets of Brijuni and stay in Hotel Istra or its annex buildings Karmen and Neptun. On the mainland quite close to Brijuni in a little town called Valbandon you will find Tourist resort Bi- Village with amazing apartments and mobile homes. If you decide to go glamping on your holidays don't miss out on Camp Arena One 99 located in a village called Pomer. On the southernmost tip of Istrian penisula , south of Pula lies a small village called Premantura. You might want to spend a few nights in the apartments of the lighthouse Porer which is located on a small island just one kilometer from the shore. Just between Premantura and Pula lies village Banjole which is home to Resort Centinera that offers both hotel rooms and mobile homes. In Banjole you will also find the popular Resort Del Mar.

History and culture of Pula

History & Culture – What to visit?

The beauty of Pula is packed in 3,000 years of history and sights. Pula, with a  population of around 60.000 people, is known for its Roman monuments. 

From Roman Colosseum and Theatre, Temple of Augustus and Arch of Sergii to Venetian palaces, and an extensive number of the civil and military buildings constructed during Austria-Hungarian rule, Pula’s history is showcased in numerous monuments that can be seen throughout the town.

·         The Archaelogical Museum - Much of this impressive collection was housed in the original Museum of Antiquities that stood near the Arch of the Sergii in the early 1900s. Constantly replenished with new finds, today’s Archaeological Museum is divided into Prehistoric (stone implements, pottery and jewelry), Roman (statuary, coins and kitchenware) and medieval sections (floor mosaics, items engraved with vernacular Glagolitic script

·         The Pula Fortress -  the star-shaped fortress built by the Venetians in the 1600s has got a  beautiful view over the city center.

·         The Cathedral - First built in the sixth century, but than destroyed and rebuilt 

·         Enoteca Istriana - Right on the Forum, the Enoteca Istriana is the ideal spot to sample the products for which Istria is best known for: prosciutto, cheese, olives and wine

Pula Summer Festival - a loose term for the string of high-profile, open-air concerts staged at the Pula Amphitheater during July and August. Guests in recent years have included Elton John, David Gilmour, Sting, and big-name opera singers, for whom the historic Roman setting provides the perfect backdrop.