Crikvenica, Kvarner, croatia,


Situated in Kvarner Bay, the Crikvenica Riviera including Crikvenica city, Jadranovo, Dramalj and Selce  communities,  is one of the most scenic parts of the Adriatic coast. It is a meeting point of the sea, the green hinterland of the Vinodol valley, and the continental wooded areas with a climate that provides perfect refreshment in the summertime.
Today Crikvenica is  one of favorite places for spending vacation. Long beaches with clear water,  aqua parks and other children friendly facilities, lots of sport playgrounds (tennis, football, handball), possibilities of water related sports like rowing, water skiing, sailing and wind surfing make it attractive place for romantic couples, families with children and people who prefer the active vacation.

•    wide range of sports, cultural and gastro events
•    pleasant Mediterranean Climate
•    numerous possibilities of active holidays all year round
•    pebble and sandy beaches
•    Possibilities of trips to the close islands (Rab and Krk islands) and national parks (Plitvice NP, Risnjak and North Velebit NP)


1. Hotel Ad Turres - One of the most popular hotels of Crikvenica riviera earns the title with budget friendly prices, great location and quality service. It has been renovated for season 2019. and is now a three-star hotel. It is located 2km from the center of Crikvenica, only 500m from the sea. Adjacent to the hotel are equally popular Ad Turres pavillions.

2. Hotel International - Affordable hotel located on the main square of Crikvenica just few meters from the towns seafront. It is an ideal place to stay for everyone who wants to spend their holidays in a central location, close to the sea and in one of the double rooms that overlook the sea or the area behind the hotel.

3. Hotel Omorika - Splendid hotel located only 200 meters from a long pebbly beach that is very popular for families with children. What guest love about the hotel are the spacious rooms that can accommodate up to 3 people as well as hotel restaurant food. A four-star hotel in a quiet location close to the sea is a perfect way to spend your holidays in Crikvenica.

4. Hotel Kastel A beautiful hotel located where once convent used to be. You can find it pretty close to the center of Crikvenica and a stunning long pebbly beach. A perfect hotel to stay in if you are interested in a peace in quiet while staying close to the center of the town.

5. Paviljoni Kačjak - Very popular resort that can be found on a green peninsula that is surrounded with crystal blue sea, close to Crikvenica, next to the village Dramalj. The resort consists of hotel-type rooms as well as bungalows that can accommodate up to 4 people.

Tourism in Crikvenica

Crikvenica has an amazing location due to the fact that it is surrounded with most beautiful Kvarner islands Krk and Rab from one side and the wild and picturesque mountain Velebit from the other side. As soon as you enter Crikvenica you will be greeted by hotel Ad Turres along with its pavillions Ad Turres. Both buildings have been renovated for season 2019. and now offer s three-star category service. Other budget friendly options include hotel International** with a central location on Crikvenica seafront and hotel Zagreb located only 50 meters from a pebbly beach.

Hotel Kaštel is built where once a convent used to be, not far from the town center. Hotel Esplanade is located 800 meters from Crikvenica center and is known as a family oriented hotel with its own outdoor pool close to the beach. Hotel Omorika is located right next to a long pebbly beach that is very popular with families with children. There is only one tourist resort around Crikvenica and it is located close to village Dramalj. It is called tourist resort Kacjak where you will find hotel-type rooms and bungalows that can accommodate up to 4 people.

History and culture of Crikvenica

The centuries-old tradition of tourism on the Crikvenica Riviera is the result of its excellent geographical position and good road connections.
The first public wooden bathing area on the coast was built in Crikvenica, in 1888. There are many beautiful beaches today, including pet beach from 2010,  with nearby walking trails and promenades with fragrant Mediterranean plants. The city beach is  adjusted for disabled persons.
To be able to enjoy all beauties of Crikvenica, you have to select an attractive hotel or villa, which will meet your wishes – for families, children, adventures explorers and all the holidays seekers.

Different rulers, cultures and civilizations have written the history of the Crikvenica area. Each segment of its rich tangible and intangible heritage has left its traces in the development of the area and contributed to what’s on offer today. These traces are visible in the remnants of ancient settlements, burial mounds, defensive hill forts, weapons, jewellery, ceramics and the specific shape of amphorae, while the intangible heritage is immortalized in barbarian curses, Pauline prayers, and the laughter and songs of local fishermen.
Thank to the seaside location, mild climate and healing clean air, took Crikvenica in another direction – the direction of social well-being and the development brought by tourism, one of the most important industries that started emerging here at the end of the 19th century.
When on holidays in Crikvenica, you can choose to visit some of interesting sites:
•    Ad Turres – archeological site, the evidence of 2000 years old history
•    Lokvišće – archeological site in Jadranovo, the oldest cultural monument
•    Badanj –  Fort in Vinodol, with remains of St.Spirit church from 12th century
•    „Pod Veli Kamik“ – a former freshwater spring and the first water supply in Crikvenica, built in 1890
•    The rock of Kavranova Stena, which rises steeply above the pond and reaches an altitude of 290 meters
•    Meteorogical station – founded in 1900
•    „Tunera“ in Jadranovo - a symbol of the area's fishing tradition, one of the rare preserved structures of its kind in the Kvarner region.


•    Love Path – an 8 km long walkway that provides a perfect blend of beautiful nature and cultural and historical heritage.
•    Mediterranean Labyrinth of Love – A unique symbiosis of 400 laurel bushes, the scent of trees, the sound of water and the powerful impact of stones stimulates positive changes in your body
•    Fisherman's Week – Festivity of fishing tradition founded in 1966 - The merit for this goes to all those fishermen that fought with the sea, tides, waves and lack of fish.
•    City museum – rich cultural heritage from prehistoric times to present days
•    Aquarium – an area of about 200 sq. m, with 30 pools with more than 100 Adriatic fish species and about 30 tropical species.

Photographer of cover photo: Marino Klement, Source of cover photo:  Crikvenica tourist board